Need help? Here is how to use our support

1.Opening a ticket.

You can open a ticket in 3 different ways:

a. From the support site

Go to the following address:, this will allow you to see the most recurrent questions. If you don't find an answer, just click on the "Contact Us" button on any page.

Then fill in the form with as much information as possible.

b. From the “Momindum Cloud” administration

Log in to your Momindum Cloud administration and click on the "?" button at the bottom right of the page

Enter a few keywords to describe your problem. We will try to answer quickly with the most recurrent questions.

If you do not find an answer, click on one of the "Contact us about" buttons at the bottom of the page, then fill out the form:

c. From the email address dedicated to the support

In this case, you just have to send an email to indicating at least :

  • The contact details of the person(s) concerned by the request

  • A summary of the request with a step-by-step guide to reproduce the behavior you are talking about ("You have to go to the administration, then to 'Settings' > 'Portal', then etc.")

  • Screenshots

2. Emails

a.Email confirming the creation of your ticket

This email confirms that your request has been taken into account by our system, and that it has not yet been assigned to one of our support engineers.

b. Support confirmation email

This email confirms that one of our support engineers has taken charge of your ticket and is actively working on it. You will be contacted shortly (for further questions or an answer).

c. Information request or response email

This email requests more information to understand your initial request, or provides you with a response.

d. Ticket closure email

If you confirm that your request has been answered satisfactorily, we will send you an email confirming that your ticket has been closed. You can also rate the customer service on the quality of the response (friendliness, response time, skills etc.)