Adding an iframe on your Momindum Cloud portal into Salesforce


Go into “Setup”


Search “pages” and choose “Visualforce Pages”

Click on “New”

Enter the label and name “MomindumCorpVideoTV” (1), tick the checkbox “Available for Lightning Experience…” (2) then add the following source code on the “Visualforce Markup” (please replace “portalUrl” and “portalDomain” by the information sent by Momindum) (3) and click on save (4) :

<apex:page standardController="Account" showHeader="false" cache="false" sidebar="false"> <style type="text/css"> iframe#momindum_portal { height: 100px; overflow: hidden; border:0; width: 90%; /* if 100%, the player button will not be shown without scroll */ display: block; margin: 0px auto 0px auto; } .THIS .slds-form-element__label { display: none; } .THIS .slds-page-header { display: none; } #sf_scroll_fix { position: absolute; top: -80px; left: 0 } </style> <script src="/canvas/sdk/js/publisher.js"/> <div> <iframe src="" id="momindum_portal" scrolling="no"></iframe> <div id="sf_scroll_fix"></div> <script> window.addEventListener("message", function(e) { //document.body.scrollIntoView will scroll too far (not taking the SF header into account), let's scroll a little bit less document.getElementById('sf_scroll_fix').scrollIntoView(); if ((parseFloat( == parseInt( && !isNaN( { var height = parseInt( + 100; //margin-top : 80px Sfdc.canvas.publisher.resize( { height : height + "px" } ); } }, false); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> MOMINDUM_PORTAL_URL = '[portalUrl]'; MOMINDUM_IFRAME_HTML_ID = 'momindum_portal'; MOMINDUM_ADAPT_IFRAME = true; MOMINDUM_ALLOW_SHARE = true; MOMINDUM_SHARING_URL = window.location.href; MOMINDUM_DYNAMIC_SHARING_URL = true; MOMINDUM_CHECK_3RDPARTY_COOKIE = true; MOMINDUM_SHOW_LOADING_IMAGE_DURING_FIRST_LOAD = true; MOMINDUM_UNLOAD_EVENT = "beforeunload" MOMINDUM_DOMAIN_URL = '[portalDomain]'; MOMINDUM_JS_BASE_URL = MOMINDUM_DOMAIN_URL + '/bundles/portal/js/'; MOMINDUM_CSS_BASE_URL = MOMINDUM_DOMAIN_URL + '/bundles/portal/css/'; </script> <script src="[portalDomain]/bundles/portal/js/iframe.js"></script> </div> </apex:page>


Go into “Setup” again, search “app builder” and click on “Lightning App Builder”


Click on “new”

Then “App page”

Enter the label “MomindumCorpVideoTV”

And finaly choose “one region”

Search “Visualforce” into the components and drag&drop it into the page content


Choose “MomindumCorpVideoTV” as the visualforce page name and click on “Save”

Then, “activate” it


Enter the name for your application “MomindumCorpVideoTV” and choose a logo if you want


Then lick on the tab “LIGHTNING EXPERIENCE” and “Add page to app” for the lightning apps that should receive this page.

Do the same thing on “Mobile navigation” tab


Click on save, and this lightning application will be visible for your users