What does the fileds in "stats_watch_vod" report means ?

When generating a CSV report from Momindum Cloud, you will receive a file named “stats_watch_vod” with the date of beginning and the end date in the name (e.g. stats_watch_vod_20190910_20191010). You will have 1 line per presentation and per user. So, if a video has been watched by 3 different users, it will be displayed 3 times. Videos without views will be displayed once, without users.

If you just want an extract of all videos, without stats, you can just choose begin and end date in the future.

Here is the explanation of the columns :

  • Title : the title of the video

  • User : the user that have made at least 1 watch on this video. If no user is shown, the video didn’t receive any watch during the selected date range, and the next columns will be equals to 0

  • sum_view_duration_d_h_m_s : Sum of the view duration for the user described previously

  • Views : number of qualitifed views (> 10 seconds of watch) for this user

  • Status : is this video visible or deleted

  • Description

  • Video_length

  • Creation : date of the upload of the video

  • Availability : date from which the video was viewable from the Web TV

  • Expiration : date from which the video was no more viewable from the Web TV (the video may be “visible” and expired : it helps you to be able to make it visible again, whereas the “deleted” status will be definitive)

  • Language : the UI language for this video

  • Note : the average note for this video (if applicable)

  • Template : template used for this video (Web TV, Standard etc.)

  • Pres_id : id of the presentation on Momindum’s DB

  • Media_type : “video” or “audio”

  • Speaker_lastname

  • Speaker_firstname

  • Category

  • Url : watch url

  • Every other extra columns after “url” are metadta. Special metadata are described here : https://api.momindum.com/client/1.0/#doc/metadataAPI